What are Asian Values

13 May

So first i think its is really important we clarify what Asian Values are, this is primarily because i will be using these as my basis for explaining the difference between American and Asian pop music/video.

NB- I am aware that many who are familiar with the concept will argue that this is a preposterous idea as Asian values are merely a political construction to allow for a certain style of governing . But personally i feel that they really do in many ways lie as an accurate representation of the ideals of many traditional Asian Families

So here we go……………..

Asian Values

Our Favourite and ever so reliable online Encyclopaedia , Wikipedia says;

Because the proponents of the concept came from different cultural backgrounds, no single definition of the term exists, but typically “Asian values” encompass some influences of Confucianism, in particular loyalty towards the family, corporation, and nation; the forgoing of personal freedom for the sake of society’s stability and prosperity; the pursuit of academic and technological excellence; and work ethic and thrift. Proponents of “Asian values”, who tend to support Asian-style authoritarian governments, claim they are more appropriate for the region than the liberal values and institutions of the West. These values found expression in the Bangkok Declaration of 1993, which reemphasized the principles of sovereignty, self-determination, and noninterference.

A brief list of such “Asian Values” includes:

  1. Predisposition towards single-party rule rather than political pluralism
  2. Preference for social harmony (see Fraternization) and consensus as opposed to confrontation and dissent
  3. Concern with socio-economic well-being instead of civil liberties and human rights
  4. Preference for the welfare and collective well-being of the community over individual rights
  5. Loyalty and respect towards forms of authority including parents, teachers and government
  6. Collectivism and communitarianism over individualism and liberalism
  7. Authoritarian governments (which have certain responsibilities as well as privileges) as opposed to liberal democracy.

And this in my opinion is a pretty accurate explanation and for the sake of this project is more than sufficient to allow for a greater understanding of the message i am trying to portray .

But in order to allow a variety of option here is another definition

This was offered by a Rmit Lecturer during a lecture of Asian values

“Asian values” emphasises:
– Community/state interest over individual interest/ freedom (collectivism vs. individualism)
– Social order/stability/unity over public debate/press freedom/democracy;
– Respect for authority (parents/old people/political leader/teacher/boss…)
– Hard work, self-sacrifice, and loyalty

In short, it is argued:
– Asia: consensus, order, unity, harmony, family-community – The West: public debate, civil rights, confrontation,
divided, individualism

My next post will begin to show this in action through pop music/video

Stay tuned 🙂


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