About Us


RedJezebell Creative brings together like-minded business guru’s, marketing geniuses, creative masters, and a few dogs to deliver what traditional creative agencies cant…

 About the Founder

With some 10+ year Marketing, PR, Events, and Business Management, Jezey is passionate about finding creative and strategic ways to grow businesses and brands.

Having spent ten years in Melbourne, Jezey relocated to her home town of Brisbane in 2017. With experience in agency, brand side, and freelancing, she has worked with large and small scale businesses and brands and understands the perks and complexities each faces.

Passionate about health, wellness, and food, you will find her spending her spare time rescuing and riding horses, at the gym where she trains BJJ, cooking up a storm, or exploring a bush trail with her family and dogs.

“I approach my work and my client’s businesses with a passion and vigor second to none. I firmly believe in the ideology of act smart, act fast, fail fast, and recover more quickly. In the digital age, the era of the 24 hours news cycle and social media, you can no longer afford to sit in the bleachers, waiting to strike and hoping for the best. More than ever, you can’t sell a secret. Let’s explore what we can do together.”

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